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TRACKING NOT UPDATINGUpdated 2 years ago

If your status says “Shipment Received.... New York NY 10001” or 
"Label Printed....Rockwall, Texas 75087", Your shipment is on its way.

At times USPS does not scan at the dropoff location and only gives live updates once your package has arrived in your destination city. 

If you have not received your package PAST the days stated in our delivery days chart, Email us at [email protected]

If you need this urgently, you must place a new order with FedEx 2-Day Express and return your original order once you receive it.

The average delivery time:

StateEstimated Delivery Days
 AE 7-9 Days
AK4-7 Days
AL4-8 Days
AR4-6 Days
AZ4-6 Days
CA4-6 Days
CO4-6 Days
CT4-6 Days
DC4-6 Days
DE4-7 Days
FL4-6 Days
GA4-6 Days
HI4-6 Days
IA4-6 Days
ID4-6 Days
IL4-6 Days
IN4-6 Days
KS4-6 Days
KY4-6 Days
LA4-8 Days
MA4-6 Days
MD4-7 Days
ME4-6 Days
MI4-6 Days
MN4-6 Days
MO4-6 Days
MS4-6 Days
MT4-6 Days
NC4-6 Days
ND4-6 Days
NE4-6 Days
NH4-6 Days
NJ4-6 Days
NM4-6 Days
NV4-6 Days
NY3-6 Days
OH4-6 Days
OK4-6 Days
OR4-6 Days
PA4-6 Days
PR4-11 Days
RI4-6 Days
SC4-6 Days
SD4-6 Days
TN4-6 Days
TX4-6 Days
UT4-6 Days
VA4-7 Days
VT4-6 Days
WA4-7 Days
WI4-8 Days
WV4-6 Days
WY4-7 Days
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